The United States promotes life insurance through "gamers"

In order to raise awareness among uninsured young people, the White House formed a partnership with eSports.

UNITED STATES - The administration of President Barack Obama will partner with eSports to motivate young Americans to buy life insurance, since the vast majority do not have one.

The White House is working with professional eSports gamers to reach young audiences across the United States through one of the most consumed products in the country, video games. So they have published a video in which "famous gamers" talk about how important it is to have life insurance and hope to convince more young people to join before February 15 is the deadline.

Kevin Counihan, director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Supervision, said he was excited to work with eSports and other high profile members in the video game industry to remind them that there are days left to join life insurance.

"We invite young people to avoid the crowds by visiting the website today and registering for good quality life insurance," Counihan said.

The White House has tried other methods to raise awareness among young people about life insurance, which have not been very successful, such as finding a union with the NFL, which never happened.

The United States Government hopes to reach thousands of young people through this new method.