Do you have life insurance?

New York Life, a national life insurance company, is inviting the Hispanic community this season when it celebrates love and friendship to also take time to review their primary needs and give the gift of tranquility.

"We are reminded of the importance of saying 'I love you' in an unorthodox way, but much more durable and of great value," said Monica Contreras, corporate vice president for New York Life.

"Check your financial needs and tell your family, through life insurance, that if a tragedy were to happen everything could remain the same," he added.

Contreras stressed that families can not live as if they were always going to have economic prosperity or as if they were always going to be the present provider.

"What would happen if the provider of the family were missing?" Contreras said.

"Life can change in a moment, one day partying and having dinner with the family and the next day an accident can happen or the illness comes, then one of the family is missing," he said.

The representative said that a family of four can acquire life insurance from $ 40 a month.

A representative of New York Life can visit families or community groups, without any commitment, to make a presentation on the different insurance according to the economic situation.

"Life insurance is not just for the rich," he said.

Contreras also commented that New York Life has employment opportunities for Hispanics and invites people who like to serve the community, have the ability to speak, are professional and speak English and Spanish to apply for a job.

Those interested in life insurance or employment may contact a local representative who is bilingual at 858.623.8600 or visit the New York Life site.